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Night Of The Living Dead Live In Toronto!

Once upon a time, i produced radio plays for the stage. We adapted some of the best science fiction and horror stories from the likes of Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allan Poe. But i always wanted to bring George Romero’s … Continue reading

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Wing-It Productions Presents: Zombie Town.

You kids sure enjoy plays about zombies! Who knew that Zombie-Thon readers were such fans of legitimate theater? Anyway, since you apparently can’t get enough zombie-themed stage shows… we’ve got another one for you. Might as well go for the … Continue reading

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New Exhibition Room Presents: Zombie Double Feature.

A while back the New Exhibition Room in Boston released a cute little video in an attempt to raise funds for their upcoming zombie production. After a successful campaign via the online crowd-funding site Indiegogo, not only did they meet … Continue reading

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Fringe Theatre Festival Presents: No Rest For The Wicked.

I used to produce and direct radio plays for the stage, which may sound sort of odd and incompatible because it was sort of odd and incompatible. Producing a great radio play is a pretty boring thing to watch. But … Continue reading

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Bay Area Zombie Theater!

I just wanted to quickly mention two Bay Area productions for those of you looking for some zombie theater this Halloween season. The first is Shocktoberfest!! 2010: Kiss Of Blood. Presented by the Thrillpeddlers, who have been carrying on the … Continue reading

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