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Children’s Zombie Survival Camp!

I recently received this awesome little bit of zombie news from my home state of Iowa. It appears that the Ushers Ferry Historic Village, in conjunction with the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department, is currently offering some very lucky … Continue reading

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Zombie 3-Day Survival Kit!

Okay, so obviously that whole Mayan Calendar thing didn’t bring the entire world to an end. But the end of the year is fast approaching, and you still need to be ready. So if you haven’t prepared a survival kit … Continue reading

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Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Bug Out Bags!

We know that you guys have been out there Christmas shopping for days already. But now that you’ve bought your new flat-screen TV and the latest Justin Bieber album, it’s time to get serious! The zombie apocalypse is inevitable and … Continue reading

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13 Essential Tools For Surviving A Zombie Outbreak!

Actually that headline should read: 13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak According to REI. Of course, with essential items like a survival knife and tactical flashlight… they’re definitely on the right track. Personally though, i’d probably trade the … Continue reading

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Map Of The Dead: Zombie Survival Map

So maybe you’ve already got your safehouse ready to go when the zombie apocalypse comes. And maybe you even know where you’ll get supplies. But do you know where the nearest pharmacy or radio tower is? How about dangerous areas … Continue reading

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Sportsman’s Warehouse Goes Zombie!

A few years ago Sears turned their website into a Halloween zombie wonderland… but refrigerators and washing machines ain’t got nothing on the Sportsman’s Warehouse! From machetes to first aid kits, they’re serious about making sure that you’re prepared for … Continue reading

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan Contest!

Do you know what your official zombie apocalypse survival plan will be? And please tell me you have one, because once i break into that grocery store down the street i’m not opening the doors for anyone! So you better … Continue reading

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