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Night Of The Living Dead

Here we are once again, celebrating Halloween with the ultimate Zombie-Thon tradition! Our month-long zombie movie marathon ends today with George Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. It truly is the reason for the season! Thank you to … Continue reading

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You’ve probably seen this film a hundred different times under a hundred different names; most commonly I Eat Your Skin, Zombie Bloodbath and Voodoo Blood Bath. However, as made obvious by the amazingly illustrated title card sequence, the original title … Continue reading

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Revolt Of The Zombies

I was under the mistaken impression that Revolt of the Zombies was a follow-up to King of the Zombies, a vintage Voodoo zombie movie which proved to be a pleasant surprise earlier this month. Instead, this film is actually a … Continue reading

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The Serpent And The Rainbow

“Don’t bury me…I’m not dead!” That tagline scared the heck out of me as a kid. And the imagery on movie posters and advertisements at the time were even more disturbing. Not to mention that anything with religious overtones has … Continue reading

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Zombie-Thon Weekend 4: Sneak Peek!

We had such a good time watching King Of The Zombies, that we’ve decided to focus on classic Voodoo zombies during our final Zombie-Thon weekend. However, ever since George Romero practically reinvented the zombie with his groundbreaking film Night of … Continue reading

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Office Of The Dead

I’m not exactly sure where i’d place Office of the Dead on the spectrum of horrible zombie films, but it’s probably somewhere between “no-budget” and “film school project.” Of course, just because it’s an amateur production doesn’t necessarily mean it’s … Continue reading

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Humans Vs. Zombies

Humans Vs. Zombies is apparently based on a live-action role-playing game popular on college campuses around the country. Sounds like fun, right? Well, fortunately the film version lives up to that promise; by which i mean the film is actually … Continue reading

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