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Horror Realm 2013 This Friday!

Horror Realm is Pittsburgh’s premiere horror convention and has continued to delight its fans for more than five years. But this year the event really kicks off in style with an amazing panel featuring Kyra Schon and George Kosana from … Continue reading

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Trilogy Of The Dead At The Prince Charles Cinema!

Have you and your friends ever sat down and watched a marathon of The Holy Trilogy? No… i’m not talking about Star Wars, dang it! And not The Lord of the Rings or Back to the Future either! What kind … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Of The Dead

Alright, get this… Apocalypse Of The Dead is a Serbian movie, filmed in English, starring American actor Ken Foree as international Interpol agent Mortimer Reyes. And if that isn’t enough to confuse most viewers, it’s also known under a number … Continue reading

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That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale

I just received a copy of That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale the other day, and thought i’d throw a little review up here for ya’ll. Originally i had planned to ship it off to my little nephew … Continue reading

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Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

Ready for a little zombie movie blasphemy? Well, here it goes… I actually enjoy Zack Snyder’s Dawn Of The Dead nearly as much as the original. And in some respects, even more so! It’s weird for me to say that, … Continue reading

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Zombi 3

Alright, here’s the screwy genealogy of Zombi 3; it is the sequel to Zombie… which is known as Zombi 2 overseas, which was an unofficial sequel to Dawn Of The Dead, which is known as Zombi in Italy. So technically, … Continue reading

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Zom-B-Rama Invades Monroeville Mall

Next month the infamous Monroeville Mall will host Zom-B-Rama; a zombie carnival and costume pageant featuring zombie games, prizes and celebrity guests! The event will be hosted by Ken Foree, star of Dawn Of The Dead, and kicks off at … Continue reading

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