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Zombie Energy Drinks!

There’s a common bit of heavy-handed social criticism popular among zombie fans regarding mass consumerism and the living dead. It’s a tired old cliche, but if you’re out there braving the Christmas shopping season it’s pretty easy to see the … Continue reading

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A Very Zombie Holiday (Instructional Video)

We understand that it’s tempting to let your guard down this time of year. You just want to sit with your family next to a warm fire and drink hot chocolate. But dang it, man… the zombie apocalypse doesn’t care … Continue reading

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New Minimates From The Walking Dead!

Christmas is coming up fast and you’re running out of options. The Walking Dead fan in your life already has everything including the latest trade paperback, Telltale Games’ award winning video game… even that crazy zombie-head box set. So, what’s … Continue reading

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Even More Zombie Christmas Cards!

Our last post offered readers the opportunity to download and print their very own zombie-themed Christmas cards for free. But we understand that some of you guys just aren’t the do-it-yourself types. So for those of you who prefer to … Continue reading

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Free Zombie Christmas Cards From Rise Again!

We could post the best zombie gifts in the world between now and Christmas. But honestly… most of the people on your list are probably just getting a card in the mail, right? Well no worries, because now you can … Continue reading

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Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Bug Out Bags!

We know that you guys have been out there Christmas shopping for days already. But now that you’ve bought your new flat-screen TV and the latest Justin Bieber album, it’s time to get serious! The zombie apocalypse is inevitable and … Continue reading

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Silent Night, Zombie Night

A lot of these movies simply gloss over the reason behind the zombie apocalypse… and that’s totally cool. If you’ve got a great story to tell, then get on with it! But what bothers me is when we’re supposed to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas: Last Minute Zombie E-Books!

I’m not sure that mixing Christmas with zombies is such a great idea. But if you still need something to do after attending church or your kid’s Christmas play or whatever… maybe you can gather the family around the fireplace … Continue reading

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