Bloody Disgusting Contest – Make A Nazi Zombie Movie!

Sniper Contest Header

Alright all of you talented little zombie filmmakers; listen up! To celebrate the release of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, the hugely popular horror website Bloody Disgusting is running an awesome online contest looking for the best Nazi zombie-themed short film! And other than requiring some tenuous connection to Nazis and zombies, the contest is pretty much wide-open. Check it out!

Bloody Disgusting in association with Rebellion would like to offer our readers a chance to win some awesome prizes including a gaming PC from AMD. In celebration of the release of the PC game ‘Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army‘, we invite entrants to submit their own home-made Nazi Zombie mini-movies, a short film that runs 2 minutes or less. It can be live action, animated, stop motion, whatever you please! The only stipulations are it must be 2 minutes or less, and it must incorporate zombies and nazis. Your film doesn’t have to physically have nazi zombies in it – it could be a first person survivors tale for example.

Four of the best entries will be featured on Bloody Disgusting with the winning film awarded a sweet grand prize including a copy of the game itself, a t-shirt, signed poster and an epic gaming PC from AMD. Just stop by the official website for the original announcement, rules for submissions and more information.

The Nazi sub-genre has proven popular with zombie-film aficionados for years. Heck, we probably watch an average of two or three ourselves during Zombie-Thon’s annual zombie movie marathon. And with the incredible amount of talent among our fellow zombie fans, we’re really excited to see some of the final entries. Good luck!

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Exclusive Walking Dead Covers At Wizard World!

Wizard World Header

If you plan on attending any of this year’s Wizard World events don’t forget to pick up your exclusive copy of The Walking Dead! Skybound Entertainment has teamed up with the comic book convention to provide all full-price attendees a limited-edition, exclusive cover variant of The Walking Dead #1. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

A different superstar artist will create the variant cover art for each of the eight scheduled shows this year. Comic book writer/artist Michael Golden illustrates the first variant cover at Wizard World Portland Comic Con, Feb. 22-24 at the Oregon Convention Center. At each event, the cover artist will be on hand to sign fans’ copies. More cover artists will be announced shortly.

Okay, so you may have missed out on your chance to score Michael Golden’s exclusive cover… but there’s always eBay. And there are still plenty of official Wizard World conventions planned this year, including the St. Louis Comic Con, March 22-24 at America’s Center, where artist Arthur Suydam will create the second exclusive cover in the series.

Each variant edition will be produced in extremely limited quantities and are available to fans only while supplies last at each Wizard World convention. So be sure to stop by the official website for more information including this year’s schedule and ticket sales!

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Horror Realm 2013 This Friday!

Horror Realm Header

Horror Realm is Pittsburgh’s premiere horror convention and has continued to delight its fans for more than five years. But this year the event really kicks off in style with an amazing panel featuring Kyra Schon and George Kosana from the 1968 zombie fright-fest Night Of The Living Dead!

And that’s not all zombie fans! There are at least six more very special guests from both Dawn and Day Of The Dead scheduled to appear the very next evening. The entire weekend promises to be a grand celebration of George Romero’s classic zombie trilogy!

Horror Realm™ is a convention run by fans for fans of zombies and the horror genre. The convention takes place in Pittsburgh, the Zombie Capital of the World and features: A dealer room featuring specialty vendors, celebrity guests, author discussion panels and readings featuring award-winning horror writers, zombie & horror film festival, contests & activities.

The convention begins this Friday afternoon, March 15th at the Crowne Plaza in Pittsburgh South, and costs about twenty five bucks for the entire weekend. You can also buy tickets online, and check out the full schedule including a list of guests and special events at the official Horror Realm website.

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New Zombie Comic – Afterlife With Archie?

Archie Header

Archie Comics has been jumping on every bandwagon that passes their way over the last couple years; from a crossover with KISS to breast cancer awareness and gay marriage (yes, seriously.) Currently they’re attempting to pimp their upcoming GLEE tie-in, but recent news of a brand new monthly title has completely overshadowed everything else.

What if the zombie apocalypse began in Riverdale? This horror-infused comic answers that question when it kicks off in late 2013, spearheaded by one of Hollywood’s hottest writers, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who will be fresh off the high profile crossover, ARCHIE MEETS GLEE.

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE will provide readers with zombie-filled mayhem like only Archie can, taking the Riverdale gang where they’ve never been before – to the grave and back.

Now, we like Archie and we love zombies… but something just seems wrong here. There’s an odd tonal shift going on over at Archie Comics that feels like a lame and desperate attempt to remain “relevant” or something. Shoehorning culture wars and modern trends into a classic American comic book aimed at children is like rebooting Leave It To Beaver as a supernatural thriller; it just seems wrong!

The new title will be written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who claims that “all the horror stuff will be balanced by elements that are quintessentially Archie.” However, since the first issue of Afterlife With Archie won’t be released until the end of the year, we’ll just have to wait and see. But we really hope that it turns out great!

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Fathom Events Presents The Walking Dead In Theaters!

The Paley Center For Media is teaming up with Fathom Events to bring The Walking Dead to movie theaters this Thursday night! A very special discussion panel with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead was originally presented late last week as part of PALEYFEST 2013 and included in-depth interviews with Robert Kirkman, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus among many others. And now you have the opportunity to watch this exclusive event at a theater near you!

The Paley Center is happy to partner with Fathom Events to bring the PALEYFEST 2013 events with the cast & creators of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory to a movie theater near you!

PALEYFEST featuring The Walking Dead Will be recorded on March 1 with the cast and creative team, and then broadcast to select U.S. movie theaters on Thursday March 7 at 8:00 pm local time.

The uncensored Q&A also includes behind the scene access hosted by Chris Hardwick of The Talking Dead, and tickets are on sale now! Just stop by the official Fathom Events website for more information including a list of participating theaters. Or visit the Paley Center For Media online to learn more about PALEYFEST 2013 and the event itself.

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TSA Gives Americans A Fighting Chance Against Zombies!

TSA Header

The Transportation Security Administration announced yesterday that it would deign to allow airline passengers from the United States the “privilege” of carrying tiny little pocket knives, ski poles and golf clubs aboard flights beginning April 25th.

Despite the recommendation from an internal TSA working group that the items represent no real danger; i think that we’ve all seen enough zombie movies to know better! I mean… if Flight Of The Living Dead has taught us anything, it’s that golf clubs and pocket knives are absolutely essential to surviving the zombie apocalypse during a midair flight!

Through TSA’s layered approach to security, and to align more closely with International Civil Aviation Organization standards, effective April 25, 2013 TSA will allow knives that do not lock, and have blades that are 2.36 inches or 6 centimeters or less in length and are less than 1/2 inch in width, novelty-sized and toy bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and two golf clubs as part of their carry-on baggage. This is part of an overall Risk-Based Security approach, which allows Transportation Security Officers to better focus their efforts on finding higher threat items such as explosives.

Unfortunately cricket bats are still on the official list of verboten items, so you’ll just have to stow your sweet Shaun Of The Dead moves for now. But it’s good to see a governmental agency at least begin to use common sense measures… especially when it also just happens to defend a citizen’s right to defend themselves during the zombie uprising, regardless of their preferred method of travel.

Of course, despite actually admitting that the new rules were designed to make “the lives of TSA staff easier…” Transport Workers Union Local 556 has decided to deride the decision for some reason. Stacy K. Martin, the clueless president of Southwest Airlines’ Flight Attendants Union, even went so far as to say that decision should be “immediately rescinded.”

While i hate to take the side of any unnecessary government agency (but i repeat myself)… i think the message here is pretty clear: the Transport Workers Union Local 556 wants you to die; unarmed, defenseless and scared to death, thousands of miles above the ground, when the inevitable zombie apocalypse finally comes. For shame!

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Night Of The Living Dead Live In Toronto!

Once upon a time, i produced radio plays for the stage. We adapted some of the best science fiction and horror stories from the likes of Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allan Poe. But i always wanted to bring George Romero’s zombie classic Night Of The Living Dead to our enthusiastic audiences.

Well, it looks like Nictophobia Films has beat me to the punch! Their official stage adaptation premiers next month at Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto. Granted, it’s not a radio play… but the production promises to be an amazing interactive experience.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LIVE will captivate audiences as they experience this classic told in the intimate setting of a live theater. This will bring the viewer closer to the story than ever before, as they are literally sitting in the house with the characters as they fight and kill their way through the marauding ghouls. At the end of the show everyone in the room will know what it feels like to experience a night with the living dead!

Like the film itself, the stage production will be presented entirely in black and white; from set design and costumes, right down to the actors themselves. The producers have even attempted to maintain a PG rating that will allow children the chance to experience Night Of The Living Dead Live as well. Heck, it sounds like the perfect family night!

A special Q&A with George Romero, Russ Streiner and John A. Russo will follow the show on May 3rd and 4th, and tickets are on sale right now! Be sure to visit the official website for more information including news, photos, merchandise and tickets.

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