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You’ve probably seen this film a hundred different times under a hundred different names; most commonly I Eat Your Skin, Zombie Bloodbath and Voodoo Blood Bath. However, as made obvious by the amazingly illustrated title card sequence, the original title … Continue reading

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Revolt Of The Zombies

I was under the mistaken impression that Revolt of the Zombies was a follow-up to King of the Zombies, a vintage Voodoo zombie movie which proved to be a pleasant surprise earlier this month. Instead, this film is actually a … Continue reading

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The Serpent And The Rainbow

“Don’t bury me…I’m not dead!” That tagline scared the heck out of me as a kid. And the imagery on movie posters and advertisements at the time were even more disturbing. Not to mention that anything with religious overtones has … Continue reading

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King Of The Zombies

I never would have thought that i’d enjoy the heck out of some old black and white voodoo picture from the forties. But it’s a rare thing to sit through an entire movie with a smile on your face. So … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

Ah, The Asylum… legendary American film studio and fine purveyors of entertaining crap! We’ve been waiting to watch and review Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies since it was first announced. In fact, i think that more people were looking forward to … Continue reading

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The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead.

The proliferation of “novelty” or “collectible” tarot cards has always confused me. I figure that the people actually into these things for their supposed powers of divination aren’t buying Hello Kitty decks or whatever. And those getting them simply out … Continue reading

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Zombie Lane For Android!

I don’t usually play a lot of mobile games. Apparently people get upset when you grab their phones and install things while they’re ordering drinks at the bar. But c’mon, people; it’s called a password… try picking a harder one … Continue reading

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