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Resident Evil 6 And Left 4 Dead 2 PC Mashup!

Believe it or not, i didn’t own a gaming console until recently. I actually grew up playing old school video games on personal computers. But eventually it seemed that every new game required some sort of hardware upgrade; a new … Continue reading

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Zombie Energy Drinks!

There’s a common bit of heavy-handed social criticism popular among zombie fans regarding mass consumerism and the living dead. It’s a tired old cliche, but if you’re out there braving the Christmas shopping season it’s pretty easy to see the … Continue reading

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Policed Called On Resident Evil Cosplayer.

Apparently it’s not a good idea to walk into a bank dressed head to toe in tactical gear… go figure! Jonathan Menough was attending Anime NebrasKon 2012 when he decided to make a quick run from the convention to a … Continue reading

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Resident Evil: Retribution Website!

Wow, have you guys seen the official Resident Evil: Retribution website? Even if you’re not a fan of the film series, they’ve got all kinds of neat stuff over there. I mean, obviously there’s the usual promotional videos, downloads and … Continue reading

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Six Flags Teams Up With Resident Evil 6!

Wow, i guess the zombie-themed haunted houses are popular this year! First there was The Walking Dead at Universal Studios, then Ward Of The Dead at Circus Circus and now Six Flags is teaming up with Resident Evil 6! Beginning … Continue reading

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Resident Evil: Damnation New Trailer!

Okay, even though the screen-capture looks absolutely ridiculous… i promise you that this is the exclusive Resident Evil: Damnation trailer shown at Comic-Con earlier this month. We’re still not sure how it will tie-in as a sequel to Resident Evil: … Continue reading

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Zombie-Thon’s Guide To Comic-Con 2012!

Alright zombie fans, San Diego Comic-Con 2012 officially kicks off tonight and there’s plenty to keep you occupied all weekend! Be sure to check back here each morning as we provide more details on some of the biggest zombie-centric events … Continue reading

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