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Fringe Theatre Festival Presents: No Rest For The Wicked.

I used to produce and direct radio plays for the stage, which may sound sort of odd and incompatible because it was sort of odd and incompatible. Producing a great radio play is a pretty boring thing to watch. But … Continue reading

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ZRT Presents: The 2nd American Zombie Summit.

The Zombie Response Team are presenting their 2nd American Zombie Summit tonight, and i have absolutely no idea what that means! There’s some sort of promotional video available on YouTube, but even with the speakers turned up to eleven i … Continue reading

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Zombies, Run!

Do you remember Rule #1 of Zombieland? That’s right; Cardio: “Zombies lead a very active lifestyle. So should you.” And to help you get up off your couch and actually start preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, allow me to … Continue reading

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Dead Air

Genre vet Bill Moseley plays a radio DJ who is trapped only blocks away from the site of a terrorist attack. Unfortunately this attack is only part of a larger plan to unleashed a horrible virus on the entire country … Continue reading

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We’re Alive – A Story Of Survival

In addition to zombies, one of my many interests is Old Time Radio. I’ve collected hundreds of vintage science fiction and horror programs like Inner Sanctum, X Minus One and The Creaking Door. I’ve even produced and directed live performances … Continue reading

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