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Resident Evil: Damnation New Trailer!

Okay, even though the screen-capture looks absolutely ridiculous… i promise you that this is the exclusive Resident Evil: Damnation trailer shown at Comic-Con earlier this month. We’re still not sure how it will tie-in as a sequel to Resident Evil: … Continue reading

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T-ara: Lovey Dovey Zombie

I realize that it’s been over four months since i last posted a zombie-themed music video. So when a Zombie-Thon reader sent in this recommendation, i thought “What better way to get the weekend started than with a rockin’ zombie … Continue reading

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Yakuza: Of The End Trailer

Here’s an eight minute trailer for Sega’s upcoming PS3 exclusive zombie epic Yakuza: Of The End. Well, i guess technically it’s called 龍が如く Of the End because it’s a Japanese game. And if you can actually read that, then you’ll … Continue reading

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Zombie Hunter Rika

This is the third part of the Japanese Nihombie series, the first being Zombie Self-Defense Force followed by Attack Girls’ Swim Team Versus The Undead. Obviously i watched them a bit out of order, but they’re really only thematically related… … Continue reading

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Zombie Self-Defense Force

Wow, this was quite the stink bomb. It begins with a weird anti-United States rant before segueing into a shot of a UFO crashing into Mount Fuji. Apparently that causes the dead to return to life… isn’t that always the … Continue reading

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Attack Girls’ Swim Team Versus The Undead

An evil doctor hunts his escaped, teenage assassin to a highschool where he unleashes a zombie virus. But thanks to the chlorine in the swimming pool, the girls’ swim team remains unaffected. They eventually join forces with the teenage assassin … Continue reading

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