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Dead Men Walking

I could probably sum up this entire film in a single word: Meh. It’s not that Dead Men Walking was necessarily bad or anything, it’s just entirely forgettable. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a zombie movie set in a … Continue reading

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The Terror Experiment

Okay, so technically The Terror Experiment isn’t really a zombie movie per se; the infection is actually the result of a highly contagious “rage” virus, which may sound very familiar if you’ve ever seen 28 Days Later. But since that … Continue reading

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ZomBees Invade North America?

Bees. Could there be a more sinister little insect? Sure they produce sweet, tasty honey… but they’re up to something. I’m not sure what exactly. But they know something we don’t. The bees know. Anyway, scientists recently discovered that honey … Continue reading

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Zombie Prank In Miami & CDC Response!

It’s only been a few days since the zombie apocalypse began and some smart-ass is already treating the whole thing like one big joke. Listen, man… you don’t go running around ground zero dressed up like a zombie! Sure you … Continue reading

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In the age of online media, we imagine it’s hard to promote a film called Spoiler. Everyone’s probably scared to watch, or even read about it, on the off chance that it might ruin the secret of The Cabin in … Continue reading

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The Last Of Us: Debut Trailer!

Remember our very first glimpse of Dead Island? The trailer was just so gritty, dark and dramatic; it provided an emotional impact that seemed to promise a whole new level in video games. Unfortunately what we got was another generic … Continue reading

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The Zombie Diaries

Oh goodie, another shaky-cam zombie movie! Actually, this one isn’t too bad. Just imagine a cross between the pseudo-cinéma vérité style of Blair Witch and the nonlinear narrative of Pulp Fiction. Add a few zombies, seriously lower your expectations and… … Continue reading

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