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In The Flesh On BBC Three!

In The Flesh is a brand new zombie program that recently premiered on BBC Three, and it’s already receiving some pretty rave reviews. The three part series is set sometime after the zombie apocalypse, and focuses on previously infected individuals … Continue reading

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Nintendo Announces The Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set!

I had the opportunity to play ZombiU at a friend’s place awhile back, and was surprised at how much i enjoyed it. The game was actually pretty creepy and a whole lot of fun! The problem of course, is that … Continue reading

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Trilogy Of The Dead At The Prince Charles Cinema!

Have you and your friends ever sat down and watched a marathon of The Holy Trilogy? No… i’m not talking about Star Wars, dang it! And not The Lord of the Rings or Back to the Future either! What kind … Continue reading

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Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition?

Last year the fans of Deep Silver’s hugely popular zombie-themed video game Dead Island voted on the contents of an exclusive edition for the upcoming sequel. Apparently the winning extras will include a zombie hula girl figurine, magnetic zombie bottle … Continue reading

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The Dead

While we aren’t exactly slaves to our annual zombie movie marathon, we do generally abstain from watching zombie movies the rest of the year. We simply prefer to approach each film with a fresh perspective. And, as one of the … Continue reading

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Two New Zombie Films For The UK!

While there’s been a deluge of zombie films hitting the DVD market lately, we haven’t actually seen many get a theatrical release. But zombie fans in the UK have two new films coming their way this month alone! Harold’s Going … Continue reading

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ZombiU: Announcement Trailer!

Are you ready to get excited about a zombie game for a console that doesn’t even exist yet? I suppose if endless waiting is your thing, then you’d better get started now because Ubisoft has just announced ZombiU for the … Continue reading

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Zombies, Run!

Do you remember Rule #1 of Zombieland? That’s right; Cardio: “Zombies lead a very active lifestyle. So should you.” And to help you get up off your couch and actually start preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, allow me to … Continue reading

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Zombie Diaries 2

Alright, so Zombie Diaries 2 picks up just a few months after the first film… which means there’s more shaky-cam, more zombies and more roving bands of rapists. The only difference is that this time around we’re stuck with a … Continue reading

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