Welcome to Zombie-Thon, an annual zombie movie marathon held each year during the month of October!

Join us online to recommend, review and discuss the best and worst of zombie cinema!

But wait… Zombie-Thon doesn’t end on Halloween! The horror continues all year long with book and video game reviews, movie trailers and information on a wide variety of zombie films and media.

Zombie-Thon began as a small, traditional Halloween viewing of George Romero’s 1968 zombie classic Night Of The Living Dead. However it quickly grew into a massive, month-long, zombie movie marathon.

Originally going online in October of 2009, Zombie-Thon eventually settled here at WordPress where it continues to grow.

We hope to display our undying love of all zombie movies, great and horrible alike. We will also occasionally feature some of our favorite zombie related books and video games, and promote exciting new and upcoming projects. But mostly we hope to foster a community of fans who enjoy watching, reading, discussing, debating and devouring all things zombie!

With a focus on the marathon, and the films themselves, Zombie-Thon tends to eschew in-depth DVD or product reviews in favor of small, pithy “capsule reviews.”

However, while we try maintain momentum and stay centered on our annual zombie movie marathon during October, our recent move to WordPress allows us to expand and continue Zombie-Thon all year long!

So please bookmark us, add us to your list of favorites, share this blog with others, spread the word and visit often.