Join Me At The Zombie Research Society!

ZRS Thon Header

Zombie-Thon launched here at WordPress nearly three years ago, and thanks to all of our friends, readers, subscribers and contributors it has been a huge success! In fact, i’d like to personally thank each and every one of you… so please feel free to leave your private email address in the public comments section below.

(Obviously i’m just kidding; please don’t post your personal email addresses!)

Seriously though, i really appreciate all of the support that you’ve given me over the years. And yet, as much as Zombie-Thon means to me personally… i’m incredibly happy to announce that i’ve decided to join the wonderful team at the Zombie Research Society!

Under the leadership of Matt Mogk, the Zombie Research Society has become the world’s premiere zombie organization. From legitimate, scientific research to survival tips and popular culture; there is no better place to find anything and everything zombie!

So please join me as i begin my transition to the official Zombie Research Society website and blog! And feel free to continue sending any comments, tips, articles and suggestions.

Remember that you can always contact me directly at, via Twitter @ZombieThon1 or at my new official email address There are big things ahead for the Zombie Research Society, and i hope to see all of you there!

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1 Response to Join Me At The Zombie Research Society!

  1. steviegill says:

    Nice one! Now my lifetime membership with the ZRS seems even better value!

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