Keep You Honest: Lose Control

You guys are awesome… really, you are all amazing! And i’m so happy that you’ve stuck around and read our little zombie blog all these years! We’ve got some really big news coming up soon, so stay tuned. But right now, it’s Zombie Rock Friday!

This week we’ve got a sweet zombie-themed music video from Keep You Honest, whose name is especially relevant considering they’ll let you download their most recent album for whatever price you see fit!

Raw, aggressive, and sweetly melodic – keep you honest’s self-titled debut is about substance. About being new and fresh, but having the soul of a classic record. About being cool, but rejecting trendy. About songs that you’ll wear out before they wear thin. About the spirit of indie and staying unpolluted. About Me. About You. About Us. You’re Invited.

The video for Lose Control is really less of a music video than a short independent zombie film. But that’s what actually makes it interesting! Because God knows it isn’t about “being cool” or the exploring the “cutting-edge” college-rock sound of the nineties.

Anyway, this particular track is from their 2010 self-titled album. And, as we mentioned earlier, you can download the entire album online for whatever you feel like paying! The immediate download also includes hi-res CD Artwork and two hi-res Band Photos. And if you decide to pay anything, 100% of proceeds will be donated to World Vision Canada.

Keep You Honest
Available at

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