Children’s Zombie Survival Camp!

Zombie Camp Header

I recently received this awesome little bit of zombie news from my home state of Iowa. It appears that the Ushers Ferry Historic Village, in conjunction with the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department, is currently offering some very lucky children the chance to attend a Spring Break Zombie Camp!

Hone your survival skills and use 19th century know-how to prepare for 21st century disaster in this day camp for adventurous kids! You’ll learn to build a shelter, find your way in the wilderness, live off the land and assemble the necessary tools to survive any situation. On the last day, you will test your zombie survival skills with a water gun war of humans vs. zombies.

Okay, so it’s really just a survival course with a cute zombie-themed water gun fight at the end. But heck, when i lived in Iowa the only entertainment was setting fire to my GI Joe toys in the backyard. So these boys and girls are really going to be some well prepared, kick-ass little kids… who are probably better equipped to handle the inevitable zombie apocalypse than their own parents!

The camp is open to children between the ages of eight and twelve years old, and costs about seventy-five bucks. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late to get your kid into the Spring Break Zombie Camp this year. But you can still visit the official announcement on the Ushers Ferry Historic Village Facebook page for more information. After all, it’s not too early to start planning for next year!

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