Video Chat With A Zombie!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; the best way to sell anything these days is by using zombies! And apparently that even applies to brand new technology, which is why Dallas animation studio Motus Digital greeted visitors to South by Southwest this week with a talkative, video-chatting zombie.

The live-action, CG character communicated in real-time with guests via a video screen at the festival by using proprietary software called Persona™ that allows for very detailed movements… right down to blinking eyelids!

Essentially we have turned our regular Motion Capture system into a Live Animated puppet. Everything that the actor does in the performance capture stage is immediately applied to the character. We then can feed this video out through any medium where anyone can have live real interactions with an animated CG Character.

The studio has suggested that the new technology could allow children to interact with some of their favorite animated characters like Mickey Mouse or Elmo. But who needs a trademarked character to sell your product when you have a talking zombie? Plus we think they scored some bonus points for the exposed brains!

Anyway, to read more about this cutting-edge technology just visit the original article at Business Insider, where you can also view a behind-the-scenes video of the software in action. Or feel free to stop by the official website of Motus Digital to learn more about the animation studio itself.

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