Stephanie Mabey: The Zombie Song

Okay, it’s Zombie Rock Friday which means that we’ve got another sweet zombie-themed music video to help kick off your weekend! Today’s video is The Zombie Song from Colorado singer/songwriter Stephanie Mabey. She’s been uploading her songs to YouTube for years now, but recently funded her first full length album via Kickstarter.

Wake Up Dreaming was finally released last year, and The Zombie Song was one of the first videos from the album. Featuring some lovely lo-fi animation based on the art of Maddy Ashton, it’s a pretty cute little zombie-themed love story that’s worth watching. You can view the video above, check out Stephanie’s YouTube channel for more videos, or visit the official website right now to download the album!

And if you need even more zombie-themed music videos for the weekend, we’ve got you covered! Just stop by our official website and select the Music category. You can also click on the Music Video tag under any of our posts, or do a simple search from the homepage. If our web monkeys have done their job, you can enjoy hours of zombie-themed music videos right here at Zombie-Thon!

Wake Up Dreaming
Available at

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