Bloody Disgusting Contest – Make A Nazi Zombie Movie!

Sniper Contest Header

Alright all of you talented little zombie filmmakers; listen up! To celebrate the release of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, the hugely popular horror website Bloody Disgusting is running an awesome online contest looking for the best Nazi zombie-themed short film! And other than requiring some tenuous connection to Nazis and zombies, the contest is pretty much wide-open. Check it out!

Bloody Disgusting in association with Rebellion would like to offer our readers a chance to win some awesome prizes including a gaming PC from AMD. In celebration of the release of the PC game ‘Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army‘, we invite entrants to submit their own home-made Nazi Zombie mini-movies, a short film that runs 2 minutes or less. It can be live action, animated, stop motion, whatever you please! The only stipulations are it must be 2 minutes or less, and it must incorporate zombies and nazis. Your film doesn’t have to physically have nazi zombies in it – it could be a first person survivors tale for example.

Four of the best entries will be featured on Bloody Disgusting with the winning film awarded a sweet grand prize including a copy of the game itself, a t-shirt, signed poster and an epic gaming PC from AMD. Just stop by the official website for the original announcement, rules for submissions and more information.

The Nazi sub-genre has proven popular with zombie-film aficionados for years. Heck, we probably watch an average of two or three ourselves during Zombie-Thon’s annual zombie movie marathon. And with the incredible amount of talent among our fellow zombie fans, we’re really excited to see some of the final entries. Good luck!

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