Exclusive Walking Dead Covers At Wizard World!

Wizard World Header

If you plan on attending any of this year’s Wizard World events don’t forget to pick up your exclusive copy of The Walking Dead! Skybound Entertainment has teamed up with the comic book convention to provide all full-price attendees a limited-edition, exclusive cover variant of The Walking Dead #1. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

A different superstar artist will create the variant cover art for each of the eight scheduled shows this year. Comic book writer/artist Michael Golden illustrates the first variant cover at Wizard World Portland Comic Con, Feb. 22-24 at the Oregon Convention Center. At each event, the cover artist will be on hand to sign fans’ copies. More cover artists will be announced shortly.

Okay, so you may have missed out on your chance to score Michael Golden’s exclusive cover… but there’s always eBay. And there are still plenty of official Wizard World conventions planned this year, including the St. Louis Comic Con, March 22-24 at America’s Center, where artist Arthur Suydam will create the second exclusive cover in the series.

Each variant edition will be produced in extremely limited quantities and are available to fans only while supplies last at each Wizard World convention. So be sure to stop by the official website for more information including this year’s schedule and ticket sales!

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2 Responses to Exclusive Walking Dead Covers At Wizard World!

  1. joereedlcr says:

    Love the walking dead, love the artwork, excellent!

    • rudeonline says:

      Yeah, we absolutely love the latest exclusive cover by Arthur Suydam. Too bad we can’t follow the Wizard World conventions around like a Greatful Dead groupie and collect them all!

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