New Zombie Comic – Afterlife With Archie?

Archie Header

Archie Comics has been jumping on every bandwagon that passes their way over the last couple years; from a crossover with KISS to breast cancer awareness and gay marriage (yes, seriously.) Currently they’re attempting to pimp their upcoming GLEE tie-in, but recent news of a brand new monthly title has completely overshadowed everything else.

What if the zombie apocalypse began in Riverdale? This horror-infused comic answers that question when it kicks off in late 2013, spearheaded by one of Hollywood’s hottest writers, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who will be fresh off the high profile crossover, ARCHIE MEETS GLEE.

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE will provide readers with zombie-filled mayhem like only Archie can, taking the Riverdale gang where they’ve never been before – to the grave and back.

Now, we like Archie and we love zombies… but something just seems wrong here. There’s an odd tonal shift going on over at Archie Comics that feels like a lame and desperate attempt to remain “relevant” or something. Shoehorning culture wars and modern trends into a classic American comic book aimed at children is like rebooting Leave It To Beaver as a supernatural thriller; it just seems wrong!

The new title will be written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who claims that “all the horror stuff will be balanced by elements that are quintessentially Archie.” However, since the first issue of Afterlife With Archie won’t be released until the end of the year, we’ll just have to wait and see. But we really hope that it turns out great!

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