The Bowling Dead – Bowling Balls Vs. Zombies!

Well, if Shaquille O’Neal’s basketball skills are adequate for fending off the zombie apocalypse… why not bowling? The Bowling Dead is yet another mobile game that features a questionable mix of sports and zombies. But once you’ve gotten used to the idea of saving the world with weaponized bowling balls and beer, it actually sounds pretty darn fun!

In a world overrun by an undead horde, one man stands in the way of complete annihilatin of the human race. One man…and his balls.

The Bowling Dead is a super fun bowling game with a Zombie twist! Hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay defeating wave after wave of Zombies with your weaponized bowling balls.

Now here’s the rub: i couldn’t find The Bowling Dead available anywhere for Android devices. So all of you mobile iOS people can rest assured that Android users are still seen as second-class citizens of the digital world. Congrats!

Of course we’ve reached out to Slant Six Games for more info, and if we’re wrong we’ll update this post. But in the meantime, Apple users can unroll their prayer rugs and log into iTunes to download The Bowling Dead for free. You can also visit the official website or Facebook page for even more photos, videos and information!

EDIT: The Bowling Dead replied to us via Twitter:


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