Shaquille O’Neal Vs. Zombies?

I’ve never really been a fan of basketball and couldn’t even tell you which team Shaquille O’Neal played for. But there are a few things that i do know about him; he starred as a superhero in a horrible film, released a horrible rap album and was featured in a horrible video game. And somehow i think it’s that last “accomplishment” that gave rise to this:

Celebrity Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal stars in his first action game for mobile! In a post apocalyptic future, the mutation of a zombie virus creates a new sentient breed of zombies that have enslaved mankind. It’s up to SHAQ to take down these Mutant Zombies with his awesome powers and abilities. GET READY FOR A SHAQDOWN!

ShaqDown is a new mobile game available from Hiptic games that features Shaquille O’Neal fighting zombies for some reason. Apparently he’s armed with superpowers, a few sweet Kung Fu moves and an endless supply of flaming, zombie-killing basketballs. Also the zombies are “sentient” and have enslaved mankind instead of eating them or something. I don’t know… you guys are on your own here.

But if you’re still interested in what Bleacher Report refers to as “That New Shaquille O’Neal Video Game Nobody Was Waiting for…” then by all means, visit the official ShaqDown website for more information! Honestly though, the game only costs 99cents and is available for both Android and iPhones, so it’s not such a bad deal really. Check out the video above and see what you think!

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