Monster Jam Introduces Zombie: The Monster Truck!

Zombie Truck Header

I kinda’ remember going to a monster truck show back when i was a little kid. Although i wasn’t really a fan of the sport itself… i absolutely loved the toys! Besides owning Bigfoot (which every kid and his brother seemed to have) there was this odd little truck with a moving eyeball on its hood; which was totally creepy and super cool. But if there was ever a monster truck in need of a toy, it’s definitely this one!

Zombie is a one of a kind Monster Jam truck that has resurrected from the dead to bring mayhem and carnage to the Monster Jam world and fellow Monster Jam trucks that may cross its path. Veteran driver Sean Duhon will take the driver’s seat in this one of a kind 10,000 pound monster.

Zombie was selected as the “Fan’s Choice” for a new monster truck when it won an online competition last year. The truck was then built with a 540-Cube big block engine and sixty-six inch tires… not to mention its ragged graveyard clothing and exposed brains!

The truck is actually on the road right now as part of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, so don’t miss your chance to take the kids! Just swing by the official website for tour dates and ticket information. And while you’re there be sure to check out all the amazing photos of Zombie and his fellow monster trucks in action!

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4 Responses to Monster Jam Introduces Zombie: The Monster Truck!

  1. nvchad2 says:

    That’s awesome! I used to help sell tickets for one of the local venues where these things performed. Even went a few times, but I never saw any trucks that cool. They were all pretty generic aside from Grave Digger.

  2. Robert Hearn says:

    Be nice if I could find a zombie truck t shirt , my grandson will be 4 , is begging for one

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