US Ambassador To Iceland Participates In Zombie Walk!

Ambassador Header

Now this looks like the kind of diplomacy that we can support! US Ambassador to Iceland Luis E. Arreaga took part in a zombie walk through the streets of Reykjavik earlier this month; the special event included a zombie-themed party and a special screening of the first episode of Season 3 of The Walking Dead. In fact, the ambassador himself even presented awards for the Best Dressed, Bloodiest and Scariest zombies!

In one of the more unusual and perhaps the most fun activities in my foreign service career, Mary and I joined a group of Icelandic zombies on a “walk” from the Hlemmur bus station to Bíó Paradís where we had a chance to watch the first chapter of the third season of “The Walking Dead” a highly successful American television series.

We partnered with SkjárEinn, cable television provider of the show, and Bíó Paradís to put together this event for a group of young Icelandic zombies. We even provided prizes and awards for the most authentic zombie participants. This is a new type of diplomacy.

In the wake of a tragedy like Benghazi, it’s nice to see our ambassadors getting along so well with the locals. Who knew that zombies could bring the world together in perfect harmony? Anyone thinking what i’m thinking? Yeah, that’s right… it’s time for a brand new zombie-themed version of “We Are The World!

Anyway, you can stop by the official embassy Facebook page for more information, or just skip directly to photos from the event itself. And if you’d like to visit Ambassador Arreaga’s personal blog, he’s got even more pictures from the after-party and a short recap of the celebration. America, F-Yeah!

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