Last Stand: Joshua Hoffine’s Zombie Kickstarter!

Alright, we’ve got another zombie-themed Kickstarter project for you guys to check out. And this one is going to be awesome! Not that all the rest aren’t, of course… but we’re honored to throw our own hard-earned money behind this project. And we think that you will be too. Not to mention that you’ll get a pretty sweet gift for your support!

While you might not recognize Joshua Hoffine’s name, chances are you’ve seen his amazing photographs. He’s been creating truly horrific images for the last ten years by staging immensely elaborate photo shoots. But his latest (and possibly last) project promises to be the greatest of all!

From May 25th to June 29th, 2013, Travis Louie will be curating a show at the Last Rites gallery in New York City entitled, “ZOMBIE.” He has been gracious enough to invite me to be part of this show, so I am raising funds to help with the costs associated with my most ambitious photograph to date, “LAST STAND.” The photograph will feature a family in their last moments right before they are completely consumed by a horde of zombies.

With just a few days left, the Kickstarter project has already reached its goal of five thousand dollars. However, with so much extra time and support, Joshua has decided to double his financial goal with the promise of an even bigger and bolder vision… including a short behind-the-scenes documentary about the creation of Last Stand!

So check out the video above, visit the official Kickstarter page, take a look at the incentives and make your pledge today. While you’re at it, be sure to stop by Joshua Hoffine’s website to see some of his previous work. Good stuff!

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