The Walking Dead In Black And White!

B&W Header

Last year it was reported that AMC would begin airing new black and white episodes of The Walking Dead beginning sometime this month. Well, the official schedule has finally been announced and soon you will be able to watch the entire first two seasons in their monochromatic glory; inspired by Robert Kirkman’s original comic series and George Romero’s zombie classic Night of the Living Dead!

Previously, only the pilot episode hand ever been screened in this style, but February will see the AMC network showing all 18 episodes from season one and two of The Walking Dead in monochrome format. Giving the series a Universal Monsters feel as well as mimicking the artistic style of the comic, this new way of enjoying the TV show has been fully endorsed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and should prove very popular with fans of the comic book.

A special black and white version of the first episode was originally aired in July of last year, and apparently it proved hugely popular among fans of the show. The complete series will begin airing again in black and white on Thursday, February 14th and continue throughout the month running concurrently with the second half of Season 3, which premieres on February 10th with “The Suicide King.”

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