Lucky Gunner Labs: The Ideal Zombie Gun?

Lucky Gunner Header

Are you a serious gun nerd; one of those guys who can’t enjoy a film or television show if the featured firearm is wrong somehow? Maybe the gun has a totally unnecessary attachment, the hero uses the incorrect caliber, the weapon is just silly and impractical… or it even makes the wrong noise!

Well, the team over at Lucky Gunner Labs recently wrapped up a pretty comprehensive look at Rick Grimes and his Colt Python from The Walking Dead. Complete with a history of the gun itself, technical information and a pretty sweet infographic… it’s definitely an article worth checking out!

Whether it’s James Bonds’ sleek and sexy Walther PPK, or Dirty Harry’s “take-no-prisoner’s” .44 magnum, the notable weapons wielded by our favorite heroes help to tell their story. Over time, I think Rick Grimes’ Colt Python will become as much an icon as these other classics and they will be remembered as the man and the gun that survived the end of the world.

You can view the full infographic after the jump, or read the entire article online by clicking here. In addition to debating the merits of the Colt Python as the ideal zombie gun, Lucky Gunner Labs also features informative tests, reviews and insights into firearms and ammunition… “with the occasional explosion for good measure.” And if you’re looking for cheap ammunition, be sure to visit their parent website for all your ammo needs!


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