MythBusters Vs. Zombies: San Francisco Showdown!

MythBusters Header

The hugely popular TV show MythBusters is filming right here in San Francisco today with 300 of their closest zombie friends! Hundreds of local volunteers will join Jamie, Adam and Kari as they begin production on a zombie-centric episode that will air sometime during the show’s upcoming season.

Tory Belleci recently tweeted the picture above, and the casting call went out via their official Twitter account a few days ago. But with a “second wave” of filming taking place sometime late next month, there may still be time to sign-up. Just fill out this online survey, and visit the official MythBusters webpage for more info!

Sounds like fun and everything, but how did we not hear about this until now? We live in San Francisco, we write a zombie blog… heck, one of our old film school buddies even worked for the show! I think it’s time for Zombie-Thon to start making some official zombie connections around here because this is getting embarrassing.

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5 Responses to MythBusters Vs. Zombies: San Francisco Showdown!

  1. Anthony says:

    Awesome- I wonder what zombie myth their going to bust?

  2. Anthony says:

    Sorry, that’s “they’re going to bust”

  3. steviegill says:

    Cool. I’m a big Mythbusters fan. This should be good and maybe we’ll learn something about killing zombies.

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