Gun Talk TV: Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse!

Occasionally i like to browse local TV listings for anything zombie-related. For the most part i’ll find a crappy old movie on cable, but every once in awhile some random TV show will feature the living dead. Such is the case with Gun Talk TV, who will showcase a variety of zombie products, survival techniques and gun safety on their upcoming program!

In this TV series, Tom Gresham and Ryan Gresham take you everywhere from a nighttime hog hunt in Texas to the 2012 Bianchi Cup competition. Season 2 also includes episodes on Handgun Training, Long range shooting, Defensive Shotguns, and of course, the ZOMBIE Revolution.

Now, the problem with Gun Talk TV is that you might not be able to find it on your local cable provider. For example, my next episode airs at 6:30am on The Pursuit Channel… and who’s ever heard of The Pursuit Channel, let alone woken up at six in the morning to watch any TV show?

But don’t worry; we’ve embedded the first part of the episode above, thanks to the official YouTube Channel. In fact, you can watch this and many more full-length episodes online at the Gun Talk TV website! And while you’re at it, be sure to visit their Facebook page for updates, podcasts and instructional videos.

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