2013 Zombie Calendars!

2013 Calendars Header

Once upon a time people used to buy actual paper calendars. Yeah, no kidding… we hung them on our walls or put ’em on our office desks. You could write little notes to yourself, circle important dates or cross out the days until you got out of prison.

Of course these days you hipster kids have your fancy-pants mobile devices for that stuff. But just think of all the little boys who will never see a pin-up calendar in their dad’s garage or thrill at the absurdist humor of The Far Side 365 days a year!

To correct this great injustice we present four of our favorite zombie-themed calendars for 2013! So take a look at our picks below, or check out the entire list by clicking here. And remember, if you purchase any of them using our links… you’ll be helping to support Zombie-Thon in the new year!

Fold Your Own Zombie 2013 Wall Calendar – Punch out the pieces of paper corpses entombed in a handy pocket at the back of the calendar, then fold them into gloriously gory walking-dead models.

Zombies 2013 Day-to-Day Calendar: Facts, Myths, Quotes, and Stories from Every Attack – This perfect pop-culture gift takes a bite out of the endless craze for the undead, featuring classic Hollywood zombie lore from the Cold War era to today’s favorites, including Zombieland, World War Z, and The Walking Dead.

Hot Zombie Girls 2013 Pin Up Calendar – Our models bring beauty to oft misunderstood themes. Be it zombie girls, or dystopian urban warriors. The harsh, grungy and sometimes bloody scenes are seen in a beautiful light.

Zombie Smarts 2013 Daily Calendar – The Question-and-Answer (& More) Calendar That Makes Preparing for the Next Zombie Invasion Easy & Fun!

I know you were all expecting the world to end last month, but that didn’t really pan out. And since January is usually the last month to pick up a calendar for the new year, make sure to get yours soon. God forbid you have to type all your appointments into a stupid little “smart” phone all year!

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One Response to 2013 Zombie Calendars!

  1. steviegill says:

    It beats cute kittens and clichéd landscape photography!

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