Custom Monster High Doll: Zombie Elvis!

Zombie Elvis Header

Here’s another cool zombie-themed Elvis post in honor of The King’s birthday. Unfortunately this awesome product is one that we can only admire and envy from a distance. Fashion blogger and doll designer Vivcore created this custom Monster High figure exclusively for her husband.

A while back whilst talking monster high with friends, the subject came up of how awesome a zombie Elvis doll would be! Since my husband is an Elvis fan, and had a large hand in the idea/design, zombie Elvis ended up coming to unlife as part of his birthday present this year.

She must really love her husband to create such an amazing personalized gift! The last present i got from my ex-girlfriend was an unwrapped pack of tube socks from Target.

Anyway this custom doll was originally posted on the Dolly Daydream blog back in May, but it’s a perfect fit in honor of Elvis Presley’s birthday today. Just click here to visit the original post for even more information and amazing pictures! And if you enjoy retro style and design, make sure to visit Vivcore’s other website Quaintrelle Life.

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