Doc Of The Dead Teaser Trailer!

We saw the teaser trailer for this upcoming documentary during our annual zombie movie marathon back in October; and at the time it was running a very successful Kickstarter campaign. But it seems that Doc Of The Dead actually failed to meet its fundraising goal by almost twenty thousand dollars, which is unfortunate because it looks so promising!

Without a doubt, Zombie Culture has now reached a tipping point. It has literally clawed itself into our braaaaains (!), successfully infiltrated mainstream consciousness, and asserted itself as one of the most important, wildly entertaining, and participatory pop cultural trends of the new century. As a direct result of this unprecedented social explosion, the Zombie Apocalypse seems to be on everybody’s lips these days. Should we categorize it as fiction, dismiss it as far-fetched paranoia, or speculate about it as a plausible scenario..? We, at Exhibit A Pictures, believe there’s never been a better time to release an epic, comprehensive, and contemporary cinematic celebration of Zombie Culture.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well thankfully it appears the filmmakers are moving forward! A quick look at the official Facebook page shows that they’ve recently been selected as indieWIRE’s “Project Of The Month.” And with interviews featuring George Romero and Simon Pegg already in the can… it would be a shame to close up shop now.

With an expected release sometime in 2014, there’s plenty of time to keep an eye on the film’s progress. But you’ll want to start visiting the official website right now because the producers have promised an online experience that will present a “comprehensive repository of zombie expression and fandom—the equivalent of a virtual museum, where zombie art, videos, no-budget films, extended interviews, rants and critical essays will be uploaded on a regular basis.”

Obviously we’re excited to see the documentary. But hopefully they’ll get an online store up and running soon because, while we’d love to support the production itself… we really can’t wait to buy a copy of that awesome Charlie Adlard poster!

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4 Responses to Doc Of The Dead Teaser Trailer!

  1. Heh. Thanks for the heads up on this. If I had heard about it before I would have promoted the KickStarter on my sites, not that it would have closed the 20k gap, but… you never know. I’m going follow this on fb, it looks good.

    • rudeonline says:

      Yeah, we failed in promoting this amazing project ourselves. But, with such an awesome production crew and collection of interviews, i’m sure we’ll be impressed when it *is* finally released. Too bad that we didn’t get in on all the Kickstarter goodies though!

      PS- Thanks for the reblog!

  2. Reblogged this on Zombie Silhouettes and commented:
    A great project doesn’t make Kickstarter goal, but get’s a go ahead regardless.

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