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Warm Bodies Opens Tonight, Guys; Die Hard On Valentine’s Day, Girls (Hint!)

The highly anticipated teen rom-zom-com Warm Bodies finds its way to theaters tonight! The film has been receiving great reviews, and we’ve even suggested it as the perfect Valentine’s Day movie. But since it apparently comes out today, that’s obviously … Continue reading

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Trilogy Of The Dead At The Prince Charles Cinema!

Have you and your friends ever sat down and watched a marathon of The Holy Trilogy? No… i’m not talking about Star Wars, dang it! And not The Lord of the Rings or Back to the Future either! What kind … Continue reading

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MythBusters Vs. Zombies: San Francisco Showdown!

The hugely popular TV show MythBusters is filming right here in San Francisco today with 300 of their closest zombie friends! Hundreds of local volunteers will join Jamie, Adam and Kari as they begin production on a zombie-centric episode that … Continue reading

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Gun Talk TV: Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse!

Occasionally i like to browse local TV listings for anything zombie-related. For the most part i’ll find a crappy old movie on cable, but every once in awhile some random TV show will feature the living dead. Such is the … Continue reading

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Zombie-Thon: Back From The Dead!

As the saying goes… “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” We had everything ready to go on our end. Unfortunately we forgot to factor in the crippling incompetence of outsourced tech support. There’s nothing like endlessly explaining your … Continue reading

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Zombie-Thon Upgrades: January 2013

The new year brings a few changes for us here at Zombie-Thon! We’ll be upgrading some of our hardware, transferring a few of our files between servers and switching internet providers. Thankfully most of these changes will occur behind the … Continue reading

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No More Kings: They’re Coming To Get You, Barbara

It’s Friday again, which means that we’ve got another great zombie-themed music video for you! Today’s song comes courtesy of No More Kings, a Los Angeles based duo that hit the big time back in 2007 with their Karate Kid … Continue reading

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