Agent 23: Shambles

It’s Zombie Rock Friday once again, and we’re here to help kick-start your weekend by bringing you the best zombie-themed music videos available! Well, technically they may not be the best… or even rock and roll. But they do feature zombies! Case in point: Shambles by Agent 23!

Unfortunately, we know almost nothing about this one. Agent 23 may or may not also be know as Secret Agent 23 Skidoo; a “kid-hop” artist from Asheville, North Carolina. But from what we can gather, the man has been creating his own funky brand of positive half pint party music since 2008.

After raising money via a successful Kickstarter campaign last year he launched his own label and eventually released Monkeywrench; an actual hip-hop album aimed at grown-ups. Apparently “kid-hop” wasn’t fulfilling Agent 23’s artistic vision. Go figure.

Anyway, Shambles is the first single and music video from the new album. So if this is your sort of thing, make sure to stop by the official website for music, videos and more!

Available at

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  1. Reblogged this on 100 Uses for Muesli and commented:
    What a giggle! A catchy tune too.

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