First Four Minutes Of Warm Bodies!

This is the brand new, exclusive preview of Warm Bodies; an upcoming rom-zom-com (which stands for romantic-zombie-comedy, as any true zombie fan already knows.) Unfortunately this four minute preview from the film isn’t actually our exclusive. No… instead of providing Das Coolest zombie blog on the interwebs with something this cool, Summit Entertainment gave it to Fandango instead.

Yeah, the online ticket site with paper bag puppets gets the zombie exclusive. I suppose the producers of The Twilight Saga are hoping that teenage girls will go gaga after seeing Nicholas Hoult and buy their tickets early or something. What can we say? Those evil geniuses definitely know their demographic!

But Warm Bodies actually seems like an enjoyable and incredibly original take on the zombie genre, plus it stars John Malkovich… so that’s promising. Go ahead and watch the preview and see what you think! Perfect date night movie for a zombie fan, perhaps?

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2 Responses to First Four Minutes Of Warm Bodies!

  1. steviegill says:

    Zombies and comedy have always combined well, but I’m not so sure about romance

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