A Very Zombie Holiday (Instructional Video)

We understand that it’s tempting to let your guard down this time of year. You just want to sit with your family next to a warm fire and drink hot chocolate. But dang it, man… the zombie apocalypse doesn’t care that it’s Christmas! You need to be prepared, and we have the perfect instructional video to ensure a happy home during this holiday season.

A Very Zombie Holiday was created by Team Unicorn, who hit the big time a few years ago with their debut parody song “G33k & G4m3r Girls” which is also know as the “Geek and Gamer Girls Song” for you n00bs.

Personally, i don’t understand the appeal of professional geek and gamer girls. Ya’ know, chicks like Olivia Munn or Felicia Day who have built entire careers catering to hopelessly dorky boys across the nation. It just feels like one of those cliche 80s movies where the cool kids befriend the school nerd as a cruel joke or something. But i digress…

Just make sure that you watch the video because these tips may save your life this holiday season; and parents especially will want to heed Tip #4! You can also check out many more music videos, projects and merchandise at the official Team Unicorn website.

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