New Minimates From The Walking Dead!

Minimates Header

Christmas is coming up fast and you’re running out of options. The Walking Dead fan in your life already has everything including the latest trade paperback, Telltale Games’ award winning video game… even that crazy zombie-head box set. So, what’s left?

Well, it looks like Diamond Select Toys will release the second wave of their popular Minimates figures just in time for the holidays. As some of you may know, Series 2 was originally scheduled for November. But after a few delays, they’re finally ready to roll out later this month!

It’s okay, everyone — the Walking Dead outbreak has been isolated! All of the infected have been sealed inside airtight blister cards, leaving us safe to admire them from outside their plastic prisons. Unfortunately, there are survivors trapped in there with them!

Of course they wouldn’t be collectibles without a million stupid exclusives and special editions! So you’ll have to swing by Toys “R” Us for Lori and Morgan. And Amazon will eventually have an awesome four-pack that features a Roamer, a Lurker and alternate versions of Michonne (with an angry expression) and Rick (in an orange prison jumpsuit.)

There’s nothing like hunting down some exclusive, limited edition collectible for your significant other during the holidays. But hey… that’s just the price you’ll have to pay to please The Walking Dead fan who already has everything!

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