Even More Zombie Christmas Cards!

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Our last post offered readers the opportunity to download and print their very own zombie-themed Christmas cards for free. But we understand that some of you guys just aren’t the do-it-yourself types. So for those of you who prefer to buy a nice set of professionally packaged Christmas cards, complete with envelopes and ready to mail, we present four new designs available via ThinkGeek!

Some people like to go for the classic sort of Christmas card. The one that is all family and sweet scenes and peace and stuff. There is the other sort that likes the exact opposite: snarky and silly pictures and humor. Combine the two, add a dash of the undead (because, really, what doesn’t get better with a dash of the post-living?) and you have these hauntingly festive Zombie Christmas Cards.

Each pack of Zombie Christmas Cards contains four different classic designs printed on heavy card stock, and will cost you about eight bucks. That might sound like a lot, but we’ve looked around and it seems like ThinkGeek are the only ones offering these suckers. So if you’re looking for professional zombie-themed Christmas cards, be sure to swing by their official product page for more information!

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