XXL: All Sports United Vs. Zombies!

How do you sell sports equipment in Norway? The same way you sell anything these days; with zombies! Although i’m not sure that golf clubs and soccer balls are legitimate weapons against the living dead. Anyway, rumor has it that this XXL advertisement has been banned in the Land of the Midnight Sun… but that’s not exactly true.

You see, much like the United States and other civilized nations, there are regulations regarding when certain commercials can be broadcast over the airwaves. And it just so happens that authorities have deemed the decaying bodies of the undead, well… not entirely appropriate during prime-time family programming. So this awesome little commercial has been regulated for nighttime viewing instead. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can watch it right now!

The official version has been restricted for whatever reason. So if you have problems viewing this sucker, just swing by the official YouTube channel to check it out. In fact, they actually feature a few additional “behind the scenes” videos there as well.

And if you feel like fumbling your way through the official XXL website, please be our guest. Everything is in Norwegian of course, but maybe you can find a nice international Christmas present or something!

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