Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Bug Out Bags!

We know that you guys have been out there Christmas shopping for days already. But now that you’ve bought your new flat-screen TV and the latest Justin Bieber album, it’s time to get serious! The zombie apocalypse is inevitable and you need to make sure that your loved ones are prepared.

There are plenty of survivalist websites and doomsday preppers out there offering the ultimate in survival gear. But earthquakes and natural disasters are old news; preparing for the living dead takes a special kind of planning! And so we offer three of the best online resources for zombie survival and preparedness.

iSurvivedtheZombies: By being prepared for zombies, we are confident you will be prepared for anything. Our disaster preparedness level at iSTZ inc. is beyond awesome, and now we want to bring some of that awesome to you!

Zombie SAK: It doesn’t matter what you call it, bug out bag, 72-hour kit, GO bag, get out of dodge kit, the Zombie SAK is the survival kit that you need to have ready in the event of a zombie emergency.

Zombie Reckoning: We are dedicated to providing weapons, gear and supplies to our customers for the pending zombie apocalypse. Our goal is to provide all the tools needed by the serious zombie warrior; this site is not for children!

Whether you’re looking for a complete and fully furnished survival kit, or simply a few stocking stuffers this Christmas… you can’t go wrong with these guys. However, we’ve got to give the edge to Zombie Reckoning. Not only are many of their survival kits truly zombie-centric; including actual weapons such as machetes, axes and knives (not to mention Twinkies!) they are also currently running a Black Friday sale on many of their most popular items.

It’s the perfect time of the year to give the gift of preparedness. Sure, your friends and family may look at you funny on Christmas morning… but they’ll thank you when the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes!

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3 Responses to Christmas Stocking Stuffers: Bug Out Bags!

  1. iSTZ is the ultimate zombie site!!! I literally shit my pants checking them out

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