13 Essential Tools For Surviving A Zombie Outbreak!

Actually that headline should read: 13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak According to REI. Of course, with essential items like a survival knife and tactical flashlight… they’re definitely on the right track. Personally though, i’d probably trade the deck of cards for a shotgun, machete or any kind of weapon at all. But hey, that’s just me!

Zombie outbreaks happen. Gear up with REI to avoid getting eaten by moaning masses of undead cannibals. This infographic provides an overview of the 13 essential pieces of equipment you’ll need and provides step-by-step illustrations demonstrating critical zombie survival skills.

Isn’t it nice of REI to provide us with such a useful list of zombie survival equipment? And coincidence of coincidences; they just happen to sell all of these items as well! So be sure to stop by the official website for more information, including “five critical skills that’ll help keep you from becoming a snack for ravenous hordes of flesh-eating ghouls.”

You can also check out the full-size infographic right here at Zombie-Thon, after the jump. Because when the zombie apocalypse hits, there’s one thing we want you guys to know; and that’s the proper way to apply moleskin to a blister. Knowledge is sexy!

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4 Responses to 13 Essential Tools For Surviving A Zombie Outbreak!

  1. lux22 says:

    The tactical flashlight will only be good for a few hours. You will need a long run time flashlight also.

  2. steviegill says:

    Where’s the weapons? A hunting rifle is essential for picking off at range, a shotgun (preferably automatic) for when it gets ugly (and close range), and a machete for when you run out of ammo or need to kill silently. Oh and surely any flashlight would need to be wind-up?

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