World War Z Official Trailer!

You’d think that losing a job would open up huge amounts of free time for the really important things in life, like zombie blogs… but you’d be wrong! It’s like, almost the exact opposite actually. So please accept our apologies for presenting this trailer after you’ve undoubtedly seen it a million times already. But can you ever really get enough of Brad Pitt and his dreamy eyes?

Anyway, World War Z has gone through a lot of drama just to get this far. The production suffered a number of setbacks including rewrites, re-shoots and delays. And finally after all this time, we’re presented with a sneak peek of the film that produced a bidding war almost six years ago.

Ain’t It Cool News was pretty excited after reviewing an early version of the script back in 2008. But taking a look at this short preview doesn’t really tell us much, other than the fact that the hordes of CGI zombies look pretty ridiculous. The official website isn’t quite up to snuff yet, so this is all we have for now. Go ahead and take a look at the trailer for yourself, and see what you think!

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3 Responses to World War Z Official Trailer!

  1. Zombease says:

    I’ll watch it to watch it, but it will be angrily I’m sure. I imagine that you’ve read the original book? Not only are the Zombies in this NOTHING like the ones in the original story, they are very poorly done (as you mention), and the story looks to be a typical action/love story full of junky chunky bad acting… but maybe we’ll get lucky and I’ll be very wrong?

    • rudeonline says:

      The book wasn’t exactly written in a filmable format. So i expected some sort of contrivance to give it a more traditional structure, but yeah… this looks kind of generic. I have a feeling it’s just “World War Z” in name only.

      Hopefully it still manages to be an entertaining film in it’s own right though!

  2. steviegill says:

    Judging from the trailer I can’t say that I’ve got high expectations for this! Looks like it’s going to be just another CGI action fest and a vehicle for Brad Pitt. I thought the book was a great piece of social commentary (as were the early Romero films to an extent), but I get the feeling that will be somewhat overlooked in the film.

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