Policed Called On Resident Evil Cosplayer.

Apparently it’s not a good idea to walk into a bank dressed head to toe in tactical gear… go figure! Jonathan Menough was attending Anime NebrasKon 2012 when he decided to make a quick run from the convention to a nearby bank. Unfortunately his Resident Evil costume included a number of guns, knives and weapons that scared local residents. And by “local residents” i mean little old ladies peeking out from behind their window curtains.

Imagine seeing guns strapped to a person’s side and that street walker strolling into a bank. Police said a suspect was dressed like a mass shooter, so they had to take it seriously when someone reported the man entering a bank.

But what started as a serious emergency call had officers laughing by the end. Jonathan Menough said he had a 9mm pistol on his hip when he made a run from the convention to a nearby bank.

I think the most surprising news from this report is that there’s an anime convention in Nebraska! I never would have figured those guys for Pokemon fans. (That’s anime, right?)

Anyway… even though police employed “high-risk tactics” and went in with guns drawn, thankfully no one was hurt. You can check out the full story online at KETV.com which is, apparently, Omaha’s Favorite News Source!

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6 Responses to Policed Called On Resident Evil Cosplayer.

  1. ct3737 says:

    This is awesome! He probably didnt even think about it and just walked there. Some city people are not used to seeing someone loaded lol.

  2. torivixen says:

    Oh my, leave the fake weapons in the car, guy. LOL.

  3. steviegill says:

    Probably not a good idea to walk into bank with prop weapons! Luckily the police didn’t shoot first and ask questions later!

  4. All I can do is laugh. Why did he not remove the weapons (that weren’t zip-tied)… would have been less chaotic.

  5. Naota says:

    I was at this Con. Most Cosplayers don’t even realize they can be taken as a threat. With 3,000+ people attending this convention, there are people packing far more than what this gentleman was. After the first hour or so, you tend to forget you’re even carrying anything on you. I’m sure if he wasn’t alone, it wouldnt have gone so far, but it is nice to know people in a small city like Omaha will actually ‘do’ something rather than just ignore it like you would see in places like NYC or LA. — and yes, Nebraska has an Anime convention, it cannot compete with the 25k – 1mil attendees of comicons and large city conventions, but it’s our little piece of fun when we cannot afford to travel so far. (Could you imagine trying to take a costume like that on a plane!?).

  6. Me says:

    Haha he’s dressed as Chris Redfeild!!! 😀 I really want to go to Anime Nebraskon one year…

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