Inflatable Flying Zombie Shark!

As a San Jose Sharks fan, i’ve seen plenty of these inflatable remote control sharks. But i’ve never seen a zombie version before! This nylon bad boy is huge, measuring over 50 inches long with a range of 40 feet. And, while it may be too late for a Halloween present… does anything say Christmas better than a giant inflatable zombie shark?

What’s scarier than a bloodthirsty shark? A bloodthirsty, brain-hungry ZOMBIE SHARK, that’s what! Best of all, this particular Zombie Shark flies through the air, putting him in prime range to chomp off the heads of unsuspecting humans. The Zombie Shark also doesn’t moan and groan like a human zombie, so it’s harder to hear him coming. We’re crossing our fingers that whatever zombie virus happens doesn’t make zombie sharks that also fly.

Air Swimmers are manufactured by the William Mark Corporation, who’ve created all sorts of popular children’s toys over the years. However, it seems like ThinkGeek has the flying-zombie-shark-market cornered for now. So swing by their official product page for more information including the price, specifications, videos and images!

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