Zombie-Thon: October 2012 Recap!

Zombie-Thon: October 2012 has finally come to an end! Sorry that it’s taken us a while to post our official recap, but ya’ know… life and stuff. Speaking of which, anyone have an extra job laying around? Sigh. I really wish that were a joke.

Anyway, we had a great time while it lasted and actually managed to beat last year’s grand total by two films! Of course, everything is pretty hazy after a solid month of zombie movies… but we’re going to take a look back at the numbers, and pick some of the winners and losers of Zombie-Thon: October 2012!

Total Number Of Movies Watched: 26
While that’s not exactly a movie-a-day, we did managed to outpace last year’s marathon! The addition of themes was a fun new feature that allowed us to focus on a wide variety of genres each weekend including Nazi zombies, Civil War tales, infected meat and Voodoo!

Approximate Time Spent Watching Zombie Movies: 2,238 Minutes
Once again, we calculated that number based on the actual running times of each film. That’s over thirty seven hours of zombie movies! The longest film was Exit Humanity while the shortest was Zombie Prom: The Movie… which was really more of a short film.

Total Number Of Movies With “Dead” In The Title: 10
Total Number Of Movies With “Zombie” In The Title: 9
Are films actually shying away from the word “zombie” these days? Because they seem to be completely cool with “dead” for some reason. For example, we watched three films in a row last month titled The Dead, Undead and The Dead Undead. Of course, these films aren’t really new. So i suppose we can’t call it a modern trend or anything… but still.

Number Of Sequels: 1
Number Of Zomedys: 5
Number Of Asylum Films: 3
Number Of Black And White Films: 4
Decade With The Most Amount Of Films: 2000s

The explosion of affordable Blu-rays might explain the emphasis on recent films. But we’re not sure why the number of sequels took such a huge drop this year. Of course, zomedys continue to come out on top! And our focus on classic Voodoo zombie movies probably accounts for the amount of black and white films during this year’s marathon.

Best Movie: King Of The Zombies
There were actually a number of great zombie films during this year’s marathon. But one that completely took us by surprise was this classic comedy from 1941. As we mentioned in our original review “the movie manages to entertain viewers with a streamlined tale of ancient voodoo, political intrigue and slapstick comedy.”

Worst Movie: Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies
Granted, we had a really horrible print of this film. But the characters, plot and pacing were absolutely awful. Other than its link to cult director Jess Franco… we really can’t see why this is considered a classic zombie film.

So there you have it; Zombie-Thon: October 2012 by the numbers! Thanks to all of you for helping to make our annual zombie movie marathon a huge success. And a special welcome to all of the new subscribers that have joined us this year!

I’m gonna’ start combing the classified ads for a new job now. Hopefully zombie bloggers are in high demand! In the meantime, please help yourselves to the archives! Take a look around the blog, read our reviews and check out previous marathons.

Zombie-Thon will be back in no time with all-new book and video game reviews, movie trailers and information on a wide variety of upcoming zombie films. See you soon!

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3 Responses to Zombie-Thon: October 2012 Recap!

  1. Mel says:

    what movie had a guy and girlfriend in broken down car on vacation/pharma meeting (?) … she goes off into cornfield while waiting for him to fix car, gets killed by zombie…he then meets up with an old sheriff, sherfiff gets pulled out window of moving car by zombie. The guy then finds old farmhouse with an old lady, a nerd, sheriff’s daughter, a redneck and his junkie girlfriend. They find a door to basement, where a lab is. This movie seems to be about 90’s to early 2000’s. It was on late at night, either sci fi or amc, but not sure. Some moments were really funny, especially when sheriff is being pulled from car. If you could enlighten me with the name of this movie, I’d really appreciate it! We want to see if we can netflix it! ~Thanks!

    • rudeonline says:

      Wow, i can’t really say off the top of my head which movie you’re thinking of. I’ll do a little research and see if we can find the answer for you though!

      In the meantime, maybe one of our readers will know?

  2. Mel says:

    thanks! I’ve been googling it for days..without luck. I wish I’d dvr-ed it! We had watched only a little bit of it…and it was sooo badly made, we laughed our butts off.

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