You’ve probably seen this film a hundred different times under a hundred different names; most commonly I Eat Your Skin, Zombie Bloodbath and Voodoo Blood Bath. However, as made obvious by the amazingly illustrated title card sequence, the original title is actually Zombie (and not Zombies, as many websites mistakenly claim.)

In fact, after having watched the most complete cut of the film released to date… i’m extremely suspect of the commonly cited fact that this film sat unreleased on the shelf for nearly six years before grindhouse producer Jerry Gross paired it as a double-feature with I Drink Your Blood in 1970. This perfect blend of camp, horror and adventure just seems too perfect not to have played the drive-in circuit throughout the 1960s.

The film follows a playboy writer, a pushy literary agent and his kooky wife to the mysterious Voodoo Island in search of their next big novel. After a crash landing on the beach they find that the island is about as hospitable as its name. I mean, seriously… who goes somewhere called Voodoo Island anyway?

They eventually uncover a plot by an unorthodox scientist and power-hungry madman to either cure cancer or create an army of mindless zombies… take your pick. Either way, things go badly.

Best Scene: I was actually more disturbed by actual scenes of snakes being milked for their venom than anything else in the film, including a closet full of Voodoo zombies!

Worst Scene: A Voodoo dance ritual is completely undermined by the lame background extras who stare off past the camera for direction and stumble around unconvincingly.

No Clio: You may have noticed that we’ve featured short clips from from the last two films simply because there aren’t official trailers available. But if you’re interested in either movie, we hope that you’ll still purchase the DVD or Blu-ray directly from Amazon via our official Zombie-Thon links!

Scream Theater Double Feature VOL 7: Swamp of the Ravens & Zombie
Available at Amazon.com

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