Revolt Of The Zombies

I was under the mistaken impression that Revolt of the Zombies was a follow-up to King of the Zombies, a vintage Voodoo zombie movie which proved to be a pleasant surprise earlier this month. Instead, this film is actually a loose sequel to the Béla Lugosi horror classic White Zombie… albeit without much of the atmosphere or charm of the original.

This time around, Allied soldiers are sent back to Cambodia to find and destroy the secret of the zombies. Of course once it’s found, the lure of power proves too much for one officer to resist, and he immediately sets about creating a literal army of zombies at his command.

Ostensibly a story of spurned love; the descent and redemption of one man is represented well by the enticing power to create mindless zombies of all those who oppose him, even his former fiancé. And while much of the early screen time is spent establishing this odd little love story, once Revolt of the Zombies finds its footing it’s actually a pretty entertaining example of early zombie cinema.

Best Scene: Locked away in his secret laboratory, Armand uses his servant as an unwilling guinea pig for his forbidden zombie experiments.

Worst Scene: Once released from their hypnotic zombie state, the soldiers of Angkor decide to take revenge on their old master by… breaking a lot of his furniture and turning over tables and stuff.

Cease & Desist: Amusement Securities Corporation, one of the companies that financed the original White Zombie actually claimed an exclusive right to the word “zombie” and sent threatening letters to a number of theaters that had planned on exhibiting Revolt of the Zombies.

Revolt of the Zombies
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