Office Of The Dead

I’m not exactly sure where i’d place Office of the Dead on the spectrum of horrible zombie films, but it’s probably somewhere between “no-budget” and “film school project.” Of course, just because it’s an amateur production doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. But yeah, it’s pretty bad.

I think the filmmakers were going for some kind of Office Space or Harold & Kumar vibe, meaning it’s basically a buddy picture set in a corporate office building. And thanks to a few decent performances by the actors, the lighthearted tone actually came across pretty well. Unfortunately the plot was a total mess!

Apparently a biotech firm was working on software that could take your angry emotions and reprocess them into pleasant thoughts. Things eventually go wrong, and instead they create a zombie. But even though it’s not an infection, somehow it spreads from person to person until a small group of office workers find themselves trapped, fighting for their lives and searching for a cure.

Best Scene: I enjoyed watching zombies get beat down with office supplies and computer equipment. Because, really… even during the zombie apocalypse what else are you going to find in a cubicle?

Worst Scene: Once everyone is safe and holed-up in the security office, things go all Breakfast Club and they start confessing their innermost secrets to each other for some reason.

Asian Massage Parlor: This is one of the few zombie movies i can remember where they actually discover a cure by the end of the film and manage to cure everyone they haven’t already killed!

Office of the Dead
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4 Responses to Office Of The Dead

  1. I’m about to watch this one today. It’s part of an eight pack of Zombie movies which I plan to watch all of them today … if I can sit through them all.

    • rudeonline says:

      I think i know exactly which collection you’re talking about! If it’s called Extreme Zombies… beware; some of those are pretty horrible!

      Anyway, enjoy your zombie marathon and have a happy Halloween!

      • Yes, that’s it! I just finished “Santa Claus vs the Zombies” … choke, choke.

        It would have been a decent movie if they cut out all the … oh who am I kidding.

        I like B-Movies and self filmed movies, but this one … they should not have tried to write a story into it.

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