Okay, so originally we had planned on watching the cult classic I Drink Your Blood over the weekend as part of our whole “infected meat” theme. Actually we did watch it, but decided that it just doesn’t count as a zombie movie. I mean, you could certainly argue whether a mutated strain of rabies qualifies as a zombie infection. But we’re just gonna’ chalk it up as a big FAIL, and move on.

Enter a funny little zombedy called DeadHeads. This clever take on the genre was an entertaining substitute… even if didn’t feature any infected meat. In fact, they never really explain the reason for the zombie uprising at all. Which would normally be just fine, except our two main characters are walking, talking zombies themselves. Which is especially weird because there are also the traditional flesh-eaters.

Anyway, our hero Mike wakes up to discover that he’s one of the undead. Thankfully he makes quick friends with another coherent zombie, and they set off on a road trip to find his long lost love. Of course they’re also being chased along the way by some mysterious agency that wants them dead. So it’s like a cross between Planes Trains & Automobiles and Smokey and the Bandit… but with zombies. Good times!

Best Scene: The guys take a flesh-eating zombie pal under their wing, and eventually bring him on the road with them. However they awake to find that their zombie pal has apparently been driving the truck all night as they slept.

Worst Scene: There was an odd musical interlude in the middle of the movie featuring scenes that looked as if they were meant to be part of the film. They must have used it as a way to cut down on the run-time or something.

Naturum De Montum: At one point the guys pull off the road to watch The Evil Dead at a drive-in theater. Turns out the directors’ dad worked on that film as a SFX artist, and they actually hung around the set as kids.

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